Our Story

The fashion industry is currently heavily influenced by eco-friendly products, and the use of hazardous materials is decreasing day by day. Many brands have begun using eco-friendly materials to design luxurious bags to save the environment and, in some cases, to avoid harming animals. The exploitation of billions of animals each year for their skins and hides has undoubtedly impacted their habitat.

Poketz, a leading manufacturer of 100% eco-friendly products, continues to dominate the industry with its superior sustainable products. The high-quality bag manufacturer hopes to help put an end to the cruel tradition of slaughtering animals to obtain raw materials for leather bags.

The company's eco-friendly bags are 100% recyclable, water splashproof, breathable, and eco-friendly, yet compact and light. The main goal is to preserve high-quality features that ensure style and ease of use. A huge variety of chest bags, sling bags, and shoulder bags are available on the official website of the company.

Chest bags, sling bags, and other items are fashionable while remaining affordable and environmentally friendly. These pockets are intended to be as accessible as a pocket and as convenient as a wallet, serving as a valuable and dependable accessory for everyday needs.

Mr. Arun Jain and Mr. Gourav Sharma founded the company intending to produce the best eco-friendly accessories that can replace leather-made accessories by established brands. The exploitation of animals in the process of obtaining leather is cruel, destroying their habitat and posing a threat to the environment. The founders of the company belong to a place where non-violence is worshipped, which is the main source of inspiration for them.

The founders realized that even if leather bags are dangerous to the environment and their use of it should be reduced, there are no alternatives that can match the value and style of leather bags. Hence, they took it as a challenge and came up with eco-friendly bags which are not only stylish, compact, and light but are also affordable.

Poketz is set to manufacture the best quality products available at an affordable rate in the market, with a vision to bring changes in the existing traditional system by introducing eco-friendly substitutes, to encourage people to choose the better option rather than recklessly contributing to the destruction of nature. Understanding the various cruelty and consequences that animals face, brands are now opting for eco-friendly materials. Poketz is an important part of the process, contributing significantly to the overall safety of the environment.